Taburete Kultrun

Stool Kultrum (concept) The product idea is to rescue part of Indian culture Mapuhe and one of its iconic objects like Cultrun (kultrum in Mapudungun), which is a ceremonial drum used by the Machi or healer to celebrate different religious rites or prayers. In the Mapuche worldview, or cultrĂșn kultrun represents the half of the universe or the world in semi spherical shape, in the patch are represented the four cardinal points, which are the omnipotent powers of Ngenechen (God), ruler of the universe, which are represented by two lines cross and so ends branch into three lines, representing Choyke legs (rhea), in rooms that are divided along the lines described above, are drawn four seasons. The floor would be made with native woods. The legs are in Lenga and Coigue serious body inlaid with copper.

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